Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


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✨ Improved Features ✨
  • Moved Accounts and Cards a swipe away on the Home screen
Bug Fixes ⚒️
  • Resolved connection issues impacting Amex, Chase, and Capital One
Bug Fixes ⚒️
  • Improved account syncing by reducing 2FA requests
  • Improved subscription cancelation flow
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New Features ✨
  • Added a notification stack to Wallet so members can effotlessly manage notifications!
Bug Fixes ⚒️
  • Improved account syncing
  • Fixed a bug impacting how offers were displayed
  • Fixed a bug that caused a gap in Chase transactions
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New Features ✨
  • Added the Notifications Hub. Now, you can stay up to date on your favorite offers, upcoming bills, newly activated bonus categories, and more!
Bug Fixes 🛠️
  • Resolved an issue causing crashing during onboarding
  • Fixed bugs related to category visibility for Discover cards
  • Fixed a bug preventing skipping during onboarding
Bug Fixes 🛠️
  • Optimized onboarding for new members
  • Fixed a bug related to rewards on transactions for Capital One
  • Fixed 2FA for US Bank
Bug Fixes 🛠️
  • Resolved connection issues with Captial One and Citi.
  • Optimized location data.
  • Fixed a high impact bug that caused members to see a blank screen intermittently.
Bug Fixes 🛠️
  • Made improvements to the 2FA flow when syncing.
  • Improved visual alignments within the Offer tab
  • Improved communication on Benefits for cards that don't have supported Benefits.
New Features ✨
  • Added additional ways to customize your cards! Now, from the Card Details page, you can change the card type, rewards program, and rewards multiplier. You can also add nicknames to your cards.
Bug Fixes 🛠️
  • Fixed a bug related to cards disappearing after syncing via Accounts & Cards
New Features ✨
  • Added additional customization options to the Card Details page. Now, when you're on Card Details, tap the gear in the top right, and from there, you can adjust the points program and point valuation for that specific card.
Bug Fixes 🛠️
  • Improved aspects of the onboarding process
Bug Fixes 🛠️
  • Improved various member experiences
  • Implemented miscellaneous bug fixes.
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