Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


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✨Improved Feature✨
  • Combined all of your active trackers in one place!
✨New Feature✨
  • Added custom reward category adjusters
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✨New Feature✨
  • Introducing Next Card 💳 find the best card to sign up for to meet your specific needs. Browse rewards, benefits, sign-up bonus offers, and more! We did the research so you don't have to.
Changelog 3
✨Improved Features ✨
  • Improved accessibility of Point Value adjuster. You can now adjust your point, miles, or reward valuation directly in Card Details!
Bug Fixes ⚒️
  • Fixed a bug impacting Apple Pay
  • Improved a bug causing duplicate notifications
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✨ Improved Features ✨
  • Moved Accounts and Cards a swipe away on the Home screen
Bug Fixes ⚒️
  • Resolved connection issues impacting Amex, Chase, and Capital One
Bug Fixes ⚒️
  • Improved account syncing by reducing 2FA requests
  • Improved subscription cancelation flow
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New Features ✨
  • Added a notification stack to Wallet so members can effotlessly manage notifications!
Bug Fixes ⚒️
  • Improved account syncing
  • Fixed a bug impacting how offers were displayed
  • Fixed a bug that caused a gap in Chase transactions
changelog 2
New Features ✨
  • Added the Notifications Hub. Now, you can stay up to date on your favorite offers, upcoming bills, newly activated bonus categories, and more!
Bug Fixes 🛠️
  • Resolved an issue causing crashing during onboarding
  • Fixed bugs related to category visibility for Discover cards
  • Fixed a bug preventing skipping during onboarding
Bug Fixes 🛠️
  • Optimized onboarding for new members
  • Fixed a bug related to rewards on transactions for Capital One
  • Fixed 2FA for US Bank
Bug Fixes 🛠️
  • Resolved connection issues with Captial One and Citi.
  • Optimized location data.
  • Fixed a high impact bug that caused members to see a blank screen intermittently.
Bug Fixes 🛠️
  • Made improvements to the 2FA flow when syncing.
  • Improved visual alignments within the Offer tab
  • Improved communication on Benefits for cards that don't have supported Benefits.
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